OUGD504: Studio Brief 1 & 2 - Design for Print & Design for Web // Peer Review session

Adam - Design for Print and Web
  • Put It In Print
  • Info pack / publication - mind map inside
  • Screen printed - effort?
  • Aimed at anyone in college who would need advice on printing
  • Card game themed website 
  • Perhaps a conflicting idea with the audience - adding drinking games with traditional family card games could cause problems
Me (Feedback given from other) - Design for Web
  •  Create a page spread and focus on content specifics?
  • Minimal aesthetic would definitely work well
  • Maybe think about dividing categories and sub categories to eliminate cofusion of navigating
  • Scrolling family tree is interesting
  • Content: Origins, timeline, actors - cars?
  • Get your websites drawn out so you can get good
  • Website audience? Who and why would someone use your website?
  • An info graphic would work well for the family tree thing, would make it easier to view a lot of information.
  • Having one large page for all of the actors could make navigation difficult - lots of information to put in one place - might be hard for the user to find a particular actor.
Abi - Design for Print
  • T-shirt packaging, screen printed t-shirt, information printed onto the box. Visually interesting. 
  • Fairly complex, might you be doing too much?
  • Interesting way to communicate your information
  • Try taking a step back, what do you want to communicate, and create a solid concept
Alex - Design for Print
  • Print Info pack
  • Lots of books, bound by two pieces of wood a laggy-band. Too much work?
  • You want to do a lot of stuff, I feel like it might be overwhelming in the month we have to create it.
  • I feel, after looking at your design context blog, that you could really benefit from some more idea development. Your concept seems to have come from someone else's idea - almost identically. 
  • Good primary research, now apply it! 
Yearsley - Design for Print
  • Concept: Processes booklet // Survival Guide for Printing. Examples of different processes, different stock considerations, the whole shabang. Stick it all in a fancy box - like a survival guide. 
  • Sounds like a lot of stuff, perhaps a more simple approach could be effective.
  • Talking about approachable printers is a grand idea for new students! Very helpful!
  • Concept: Infopack - what you need to know, to get started in print. Aimed at students.
  • To be bound using a paper fastener - interesting concept! Useful, flexibility and diversity being able to cater to different needs.
  • Print is Dead // Print is Alive - ace! I love the over printing idea, really interesting!
  • Simple. Effective. Grand.
  • The texture touch 'n feel idea is a great way to engage the audience, something different new and interesting. 

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