OUGD502: STUDIO BRIEF 3 - Life's a Pitch // Final Presentation

The Presentation

On friday, our group were able to present our pitch to the rest of the year. The presentation was created putting all of our ideas and research results together, to formulate our business model. We felt our presentation was quite strong, and well constructed, with a large body of good research.
The presentation, shown above, was received rather well by the group. It included all the information we felt it needed. Only one question rose at the end, and that was regarding the shares within the company, which we knew the answer to, although we didn't include it in the presentation. The answer being, we have appointed Danielle the company director, and we each hold equal 20% shares within the company.


I'm really happy with how the presentation went, I felt Mel, Danielle, Sarah, Daisy and I worked really well together throughout, and I would love to work with them again. I thought our research skills were really efficient, we were able to get all the information needed to start a business, which I was very surprised about.

I fell far more confident about how the system of starting a business works, I think I would be able to do it now if I were to start a business post graduation.

In regards to the presentation, and my personal skills, I really need to improve the rate of which I speak. I speak extremely quickly when nervous, although it is better than not saying anything, it is very difficult to understand, and this is something I really need to focus on improving for the solo presentations in May.

OUGD502: STUDIO BRIEF 3 - Life's a Pitch // The Company Logo and Branding

As part of our company and presentation, I've created a logo and a small set of branding for our company. We're called Sublime. A pun from the colour lime, as we wanted that to be our brand colour, after brainstorming everything to do with limes, we finally arrived at Sublime.

The logo is very simple and professional. Typography based with a simple lime illustration at the base. 

An example of stationery we could have is the business. It features our logo and our colour scheme throughout, an impactful image of our brand for the client to remember. I sent the branding to Danielle for the presentation, however due to an error, it was not featured. 

OUGD502: STUDIO BRIEF 3 - Life's a Pitch // Studio Space

As part of the presentation, we would like to show what the studio space might in fact look like. We would like to demonstrate the space we will work in, the space which the design would, hypothetically, take place in, if we were to get our funding.

The studio space is a blank canvas almost, an empty space, ready to be filled with ideas. A clean relaxed environment, with hints of the signature sublime green throughout, to remind us who we are. The empty space is just ready to have the walls filled with works, boards and pieces, to turn the office into more of an home-office-from home, a welcoming place, where everyone is relaxed. 

OUGD502: STUDIO BRIEF 2 - Life's a Pitch // Hosting Ins and Outs

Server Hosting
Offering hosting will be one of the features of Sublime, offering hosting along with website design and development just makes sense. An all in one service. Hosting requires a dedicated on site server, which will need to be expanded over time, the more modern style of hosting is cloud hosting, which we would hopefully plan to expand the service to over the coming years, if successful.

  • All in one package; just makes sense
  • On site hosting
  • Expansion into cloud hosting in the foreseeable future

OUGD502: STUDIO BRIEF 2 - Life's a Pitch // Banking

I've begun to research into banks, in terms of which one will offer us the best deal to start up our business. You'll need a business bank account - but don't just go straight to the bank you've used as a consumer. Find one that understands your business and who you feel comfortable with. Most banks also offer incentives for new sign-up. For example, NatWest offer two years' free banking and access to an experienced business manager.

I've decided to grace Natwest with the hypothetical privileges of giving us a loan and hosting our business account, I've chosen Natwest as the provider for our business account because they offer the best deals for us. 

As this is a start up business, we'll be free from charges with Natwest for the first two years, as we're a new business we'll be exempt. Natwest also offer an unlimited annual turnover, so hypothetically, we can make as much money with no cap on the max. 

2 years free banking
Free banking will commence from the date your account is opened and means that the charges for the day-to-day running of your account (known as your ‘service charge’) will not apply during the free banking period. Charges for “Unarranged Borrowing”, “Additional Services” and “Bankline Charges” are not part of the free banking offer. At the end of this period, you will automatically revert to the Standard Published Tariff. However, you will also have the opportunity to select a different tariff if your business banking needs have changed.

No annual fee on your Business Credit cards for the first 12 months
This offer applies to UK businesses when a Business Credit Card application has been made within 6 months of account opening. Business Credit cards for UK residents/businesses and for business use only.

15% off Business Insurance for the first year
Not available in conjunction with any other Business Insurance offer. New policyholders and over 18s only. Excludes hospitality businesses, heating, plumbing and ventilation engineers, and cover for terrorism. NatWest Business Insurance is arranged by UK Insurance Business Solutions Limited and underwritten by UK Insurance Limited trading as NIG (UKI). If UK Insurance Business Solutions can’t offer cover through their insurer, UKI, they’ll help you find a solution from their preferred independent brokers.

No loan arrangement fees
This offer is due to a £2.5bn fund, which is available as part of our participation in the Government’s Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS). It is a limited fund and all loans approved under the fund will be fee-free and offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that the Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS) cannot be applied to overdrafts, or business credit cards. The offer is only available for loans. Usual lending conditions apply. Structured Finance and Real Estate Finance are excluded.

6 months’ free Streamline online card payment processing
Streamline is provided by WorldPay UK Limited, our preferred business partner for card processing.

Dedicated support
  • Our teams of trained Business Managers are dedicated to providing support in helping you reach your business goals. We’ve extended the hours you can call our Business Managers to 8am-8pm weekdays and 9am-2pm on Saturdays.
  • BusinessLine, our telephone banking service, is available should you wish to speak to a member of staff regarding account information such as balances, payments or transfers. With the choice of self service or speaking with one of our UK-based advisors, the service is available 24hours a day, 365 days a year. Please note, you must be fully enrolled in this service to make payments. System updates may mean the service is unavailable for short periods in the early morning.
  • Online and Mobile Banking are available 24 hours a day, allowing you to carry out your day-to-day banking transactions, make transfers and payments and view up to 7 years of transactions. Our free mobile Business Banking app means you can stay in control of your finances wherever you are.
  • Business Quick Deposit Facility for paying in cash and cheques at any branch without queuing (subject to acceptance).
Getting a Loan to start the business

No product fees. No early repayment charges.
At NatWest, we’re committed to backing British business. That’s why we’re giving small businesses the opportunity of fee-free lending with our Fixed Rate Business Loan. You can borrow from £25,001 up to £250,000

Funding for Lending Scheme
This is a Government initiative designed to incentivise UK banks to increase their lending in support of the UK economy. The Funding for Lending Scheme will do this by providing funding to banks for an extended period, thereby creating an ability for NatWest to offer a fee free product.
This is a limited scheme and will be available on a first come, first served basis.

What our Fixed Rate Business Loan gives you:
  • A fixed rate – that gives you certainty of cash flow for the fixture period. 
  • No early repayment charges – giving you the flexibility to repay your loan at any time. 
  • Fee-free borrowing – no arrangement fees for new borrowing. 
  • Choice of loan amounts – borrow from a minimum of £25,001 up to a maximum of £250,000. 
  • Repayment holidays – take a break from making capital repayments. Interest is charged during the repayment holiday and your monthly payments may increase afterwards.
To find out more about the Fixed Rate Business Loan, talk to your Relationship Manager or call us.

Funding for Lending Scheme conditions
Usual lending conditions apply. Structured Finance and Real Estate Finance are excluded.

Take 3 steps to lending success
For all the information you need to help you choose the right lending for your business and prepare an application, see our new section on Business lending.

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