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OUGD502: STUDIO BRIEF 3 - Life's a Pitch // Final Presentation

The Presentation

On friday, our group were able to present our pitch to the rest of the year. The presentation was created putting all of our ideas and research results together, to formulate our business model. We felt our presentation was quite strong, and well constructed, with a large body of good research.
The presentation, shown above, was received rather well by the group. It included all the information we felt it needed. Only one question rose at the end, and that was regarding the shares within the company, which we knew the answer to, although we didn't include it in the presentation. The answer being, we have appointed Danielle the company director, and we each hold equal 20% shares within the company.


I'm really happy with how the presentation went, I felt Mel, Danielle, Sarah, Daisy and I worked really well together throughout, and I would love to work with them again. I thought our research skills were really efficient, we were able to get all the information needed to start a business, which I was very surprised about.

I fell far more confident about how the system of starting a business works, I think I would be able to do it now if I were to start a business post graduation.

In regards to the presentation, and my personal skills, I really need to improve the rate of which I speak. I speak extremely quickly when nervous, although it is better than not saying anything, it is very difficult to understand, and this is something I really need to focus on improving for the solo presentations in May.

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