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OUGD405: Design Progress -Study Task 1 - Group Crit

Today we presented research in the form of a group crit, I presented the free boards, as you can see on my exam practice blog click here. First I began explaining my primary research my secondary research and my action plan. My primary research consisted of work which I collected, emailing charities, taking photographs, and doing a research section around Leeds, To verify what active charities are operating in Leeds. I also presented the responses from the charities, I asked them, if I were to donate 1 pound what percentage of that pound would go towards the cause, or emergencies, expenses, such as travel equipment wages, and what percentage will go towards future investments so advertising, to generate future income. My secondary research consisted of how the split is applied, so, I went on the internet and researched how it actually is used, for example I looked specifically some charities, and found out what they do for money, for example I found some posters are certain charity and I evaluate the effectiveness of the posters and whether or not it was worth the 7% of the budget. I also looked at merchandise, for example, I looked at fashionable wristbands made of rubber which you can purchase, And the effectiveness of creating awareness of the charity, and promoting the cause. I found that be over 9%, of the 1 pound which you can donate, will go towards paying for establishments, such as charity shops, and had offices. I also found that it pays wages for staff such as CEOs, executives CallCenter operatives and any other staff. Finally, I found out where the other 84% on the budget would go, and that was a cause, whether it be steeving starving children, or providing a dog in new home. Which is what you would expect from a charity!

Feedback I received was generally good however we did establish that from the charity's reluctaantsey to release the spending percentages, that they may be ashamed of their percentages, And they may not want the public to know is it may deter donations. So, but I next briefing it'll be interesting to look into how providing the percentages to general public, if it affects willingness to donate to a charity.

The question we were given the end of the Crit was; "How can I get more people to donate to charities?" This would lead on to the next brief on the week of 3 December 2012. Click here to see the progress on this weeks brief.

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