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OUGD502: STUDIO BRIEF 2 - Design Presence // Logo Development

I've designed a logo for my brand, I started by mapping out who I am, as a brand. Based on my research into who I am, and how I should present myself.

Breaking it down into various sections, such as hobbies, interests, design formats, design styles, personality and myself as a professional. Doing this will allow me to decide what would be appropriate to brand myself as, and the themes which it would undertake. I spoke to my flat mates, Grace and Adam, who are also on this course, to verify I'm not over selling myself. 

I also thought of what I should call myself. I broke it down into various elements of who I am, and what I'm called. I quite liked the idea of using my rugby positions as the numbers, an alias, rather than something plain, like 'Anthony'.

I began with sketching out my logo using a very precise and plain grid system... which as you'll see later, ended up being scrapped due it's plain boring nature. 

I constructed the logo in illustrator, and it doesn't look terrible, but it could be improved. 

Approaching the logo from another angle

I went to town, using the fibonacci spiral, as I had just developed my understanding of this system in another module, Which I think gave a better result for the logo than my previous attempts. 

I then used a deep blue and red for my colour scheme, these colours have been sampled from the Munster Rugby colours. I've used colours of my favourite team, as the brand is rugby orientated, so I thought I would be appropriate. I altered the colour slightly, to make their contrasts more aesthetically pleasing.

I tried a colour invert, and some tweaks incorporating the alpha channels. It looks alright, however it don't think it works. The contrasting colours suggest a divide in the logo, This also means when the logo is applied onto one of the colours, the logo only will look like half a logo, as the colours will blend. To fix this, I would have to add a third colour to the palette. It also looks like the mass effect N7 logo. 

Applying the Logo to Business Cards

For a test, I applied the logo to the business cards. I created an 85 x 55mm document with a 3mm bleed around each edge. 

I used the type within the logo to dictate the spacing around the edge of the logo, to the edge of the card.

Final logo on the business card.

Another Branding Idea I tried (failed)

In an hour of doubt, I also tried to create a logo based on the Star Wars theme, as I'm a huge fan of the films, and the culture behind it. I'm particularly interested in the stories which are set before the films, thousands of years before, what's known as The Old Republic. Choosing an aspect of this would almost be like an inside joke. 

I decided to try a starship as the basis for the logo, I used a ship known as the Ebon Hawk, which appears in numerous novels in the Star Wars universe. 

I used the fibonacci system to create the proportions for the logo. It was an ambitious idea, just to make the logo look slightly more aesthetically pleasing, whilst maintaining it's current shape. 

The what would've been final illustration for the logo. It looks okay, however the idea seems to out there for feasible branding. 

Final Logo

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