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OUGD602: Placements & Events // Work In The Web at MIXD

Over the past week, I've attended the Work in the Web programme at Mixd, a web design and development company in Harrogate. Work in the Web is a three day intensive workshop for students who want to learn about the real web industry. 

The week began on Tuesday at a Hey! event at The Belgrave in Leeds. Talks from Chris Murphy (who also ran the design session on the Thursday) and Richard Eskins. All of which was fantastic, and I was able to meet the Mixd team. 

The course itself was broken down as follows. (See screenshot below).

I loved every moment of the workshop. I learned so much about Design and Web Development, which isn't really my area, however it was a weak point I wanted to develop – which I did. The opening day consisted of the fundamentals, the workflow and the tools needs, which were all fairly new to me. All of which were industry standard, so if I were to move into the web, I would be familiar with the programmes – which would make me more employable. 

The second day was more design based. I was lucky enough to attend a talk from Chris Murphy, who teaches design at the University of Ulster (an MA course). The content within his presentation was extremely informative, and inspiring. A masterclass in design, I'm so happy I had to opportunity to attend! 

The third, and final day consisted of content management based lessons, mainly Wordpress, which I'm familiar with, as I use it host my own website. However, they taught me how to download the code to my own machine, so I'm able to modify the code locally, and then push it at a later date. Also working with command lines (stuff in terminal, or similar), which was all new to me. And finally speaking with the Mixd team, all the staff present, about how to get a job, the questions to ask and what you need. In the form of a impromptu Q&A chat session. 

From a networking stand point, I was able to meet a fantastic team of designers and developers at Mixd and the other attendees, some of which were amazing – and are definitely going places. We set up a Twitter group, so we're all able to keep in contact, which is ace. 

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