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OUGD602: Personal Branding // Identity Development

You may have seen some illustrations of a boat in a previous post, which was an idea for my visual identity. However, I've discarded that route, due to it's lack of diversity. I've moved in a different direction...

I've been working to creating a visual identity which has more of a personal approach. Using my name rather than a symbol – in some way, shape or form. Using my name as I'm an individual not a business.

I experimented with my initials, my name and using my second name with a phrase to make something which sounded different, such as 'white out', a play on my second name, which is 'White'. I also tried using 'by Anthony White'. The idea was it to be almost like signing my work, as you would a work of art. 

Which then lead me to try using my signature, which is an A, a larger version of a lower case 'a', which I use when I write my name. Which then leads into a horizontal line, waved to create a W.

Using the signature creates a unique and personal, individual to me. Signatures are also used when signing contracts, binding your name to something with assurance. Which could suggest that I'm a believer in the work and what I do, and I'm happy to bind my name to it. 

Spacing, for consistency. 

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