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Study Task 1 - Why Am I Here - What do I want to Learn?

Identify and explain 5 reasons why you chose to study on this programme
  • For a challenge,
  • To get the best possible opportunities for my future,
  • To become the best I possibly can be,
  • To be inspired,
  • To be tested.
Identify and explain 5 things that you want to learn during your time on the programme.
  • How to be a professional,
  • How to visually communicate through design at a higher standard, 
  • How to design as efficiently as possible, 
  • More skills, 
  • How to price work/charge clients,
Identify and explain 5 skills that you think are your strengths.
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Cinema 4D, Lightroom, After Effects (Mac Work),
  • Quick thumbnail sketches/planning work,
  • Time management, 
  • Meeting deadlines,
  • Working to Print,
Identify and explain 5 things that you want to improve.
  • My planning and layouts,
  • My creativity,
  • My ability to create something new and original,
  • My Professionalism,
  • My Visual Communication.
Identify and explain 5 ways that you will evaluate your progress.
  • Through group crits,
  • Through Tutorials,
  • Comparing newer work to older work,
  • Looking through past work on my blog,
  • Through my grades.
Identify 5 questions that you want to find the answer to.
  • What standard is considered a "Professional Standard"? 
  • How can I turn my weaknesses into strengths?
  • How can I improve?
  • How can I become more professional?
  • What style of work should I specialise in?
Identify and explain 5 things that inspire you.
  • Steve Jobs, always thinking outside the box, trying to see things in a new light, to create the best product possible.
  • Alfred Hitchcock, being able to create suspense and communicate through mise en scĂ©ne and pure cinema.
  • My Dad, Philip White, always being able to provide and help me when I'm in need, no matter what, whenever needed.
  • John & Hank Green, two brothers, whom through using a YouTube originally to communicate with each other, have changed online-media, shaped and moulded the community, creating something truly special.
  • Weight-lifting/body building, being an amateur myself, I'm able to appreciate the goal of being better, pushing harder, putting the hours in, to achieve more, and become the best you possibly can be, and then some.

Identify 10 examples of design that illustrate your fields of creative interest.

Hand-drawn traditional art, pencil. (Image drawn my me)

Logo/Illustration/Vector design (Also done by me - rejected by a client)

Photography (Panorama of the York Minster, done by me)

3D Modelling (Created by me, in Cinema 4D)

3D Photo-manipulation (Created by me, Cinema 4D and Photoshop)

Creating images on Photoshop, from scratch. (Created by me)

Magazine spreads (A college assignment, created by me)

Typography (Reanimagic on Deviant Art)

Film-Poster style designs (Made for animation, The Package III, by me)

T-Shirt design (Design made for competitive eater, Furious Pete, by me)

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