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Alphabet Soup Self Evaluation

What I was asked to do

Produce a set, series or sequence of ten letterforms that explore and communicate your interpretation of the word that you have selected from the randomisers.
Using your newfound appreciation of the anatomy of typographic forms and the wealth of research that you have already gathered, focus on the manipulation of existing letterforms in order to solve this problem.
What I've done
I created 10 letter forms based around the word "Layer", I used a range of techniques and styles, manipulating letter forms, for the desired effect. I then was asked to narrow these down to five letters, which I believed communicated layer the best, those are displayed above. They were then assessed in a group crit, where, along with 25 other letter forms were narrowed down to the best. Sadly, they were unsuccessful.  

Was it successful?
I believe I've completed the task to a good standard, I finished the work on time, and I had all the letter produced to a good standard. The general feedback I gained was, for the most part, positive. I am very happy with the work I've produced, although there are always improvements to be made. 

What worked?
The layering of some of the letters, such as on K and Z worked really well, and really communicated the word layer effectively. 

What didn't work?
Some of the letters, which I tried to communicate the "layer" by using shadows. For example the T, didn't work, as it required very intricate shading, which I didn't have time to do.

If I were to re-do the project, what would I do differently? 
I would try to using the black and white layering technique in more designs, and scrap using technical drawings with shading. 

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