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OUGD403 Alphabet Soup, Task 2, Group Crit

Today, we had to present our work so far in a group crit, we had to explain what we have done, why and what we hope to achieve - standard crit stuff. I saw some really interesting work for other members in the crit, and I really enjoyed seeing what over people came up with. 

When it came to my turn, I explained what I was doing so far.

The main focus of my delivery was this, the design sheet for the font. Based on Neville Brody's Industria, I explained how I've modified it to fit Lizzy's personality, in a subtle manner. 

I stated why I chose Industria, based on the work by Noma Bar, and how the two are similar.

The first thing I explained, was the most important, the exaggerated ascenders and descenders on the letter forms, which are there to represent Lizzy's style of speaking, adding the word "so" to empathises things. 

I also went to explain some of the smaller details I've added, such as the slightly rounded edges to the letterforms, instead of the shaper edges to represent Lizzy better, as she doesn't have a sharp personality, as she's a nice person.

Finally I explained some of the stuff I'd like to do with the font, in the week to come. The first of which is the add some of the shapes into the negative space, in the style of Noma Bar, which was also suggested by the Tutors in the progress crit. 

3 Things I need to do

Add the shapes into the negative space, in the style of Noma Bar

Fine tune the shapes letter forms

Work on the badge, as no work has been done as of yet

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