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OUGD402: PPP1 Session (04/03/13)

Analysing a set of 10 images given, 5 from personal, 5 from a practitional standpoint. 


  • She seems to be a fan of typography, quite dense.
  • She doesn't really divulge into the minimalist style. 
  • She likes lots of colour,
  • She doesn't have a preference between modern and post modern work.
  • She likes work which is directed at children.
  • She's a fan of print - both letterpress and illustrational, 
  • In relation to fine art, she's a fan of Roy Litchensutein. - Fan of Pop-Art

  • She likes watching films, the main genres of the films are Drama-Thrillers.- Likes films
  • She like skiing/snowboarding, or possibly just extreme sports. - Winter Sports
  • Music: She's a muse fan and generally likes music, indie-pop-rock. - Plays the Drums
  • Judging by the paparazzi photos, she may like photography. - She likes the celebrity culture


  • Minimalist style, with a subtle use of colour. 
  • She also likes the buss of geometric shapes to create a complex form, for example the rain drop out of red triangles. 
  • She admires clever use of typography, using bolds and italics to creating an empathises, or even colour.
  • She likes promotional work, which would be use to used in advertisements. 
  • A vast scale of typography, from huge blown up and cropped letters, to small body copy type. 
  • She seems very attached to Roman fonts. 
  • Clean style. 

  • The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, possibly her favourite book.
  • A fan of the Beatles, which could suggest the genre of music she's into or the period of music she enjoys.
  • She also included an image of New York, so I assume this is her favourite place to visit.
  • She included a photo of her family, which would indicate that she enjoys spending time with them, or going on holiday.
  • She's from Liverpool, and she likes Liverpool. 

Bold text indicates what we were corrected upon, and the regular text was our assumptions. 

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