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OUGD504: PPP2 - 10 Successes

10 things I've gained from the first year;
  • Passed 1st Year,
  • Living alone/learnt to be independent,
  • Learnt to cook,
  • Printing resources/learnt screen print/workshops - new skills, foundations to build upon this year,
  • Developed digital awareness, new skills with profession standard software,
  • Learnt how to be more focused answering the brief correctly,
  • Developed my level of confidence, the ability to stand by my work, 
  • Improved personal and professional practice,
  • Improved literacy skills, 
  • Balanced a part time job, work, and a social life as well as the course, 
  • Learnt to integrate work shop skills into practice,
  • Developing a system, learning which brief is more important/urgent, prioritising. 
10 Successes as a class, collectively
  • Presentation skills,
  • Feedback,
  • Workshops,
  • Independent,
  • Research/development,
  • Understand time management,
  • Working in 
  • Confidence/motivation,
  • Theory/context,
  • Style/signature
Pick out 10 traits you want to be successful at this year; (post/publish on PPP blog).
  • To develop my understanding of typography,
  • To broaden my skill set in terms of design process, 
  • To improve, out of college, my financial position, learn to budget, and stick to it. 
  • Improve my time management, this year matters, it counts towards my degree, so I feel it's important to focus of planning ahead of time,
  • I want to improve the final quality of my work, apply more techniques to my work to make look more professional, for example, applying spot varnish.
  • I feel that I can improve the motive behind my work, rather than only creating a solution to a problem using Graphic Design, I want my work to be an extension of the individual to whom my work is aimed at, allowing to connect with them on a deeper level.
  • I want to improve my English, by this, I mean I'm dreadful at essays. I think I did poorly last year. I know I can do better If I apply myself. 
  • I want to create some sort of signature, sort of a style, a timeless visual representation which I can implement into my work which separates me from other designers. 
  • To fix my Mac, I broke it. 
  • To expand on my level of visual research, explore it.

Presentation Feedback

Useful Feedback:
  • I received a lot of feedback mentioning I spoke incredibly fast, trying to fit everything in, teaming with my accent, it may have been difficult to understand, speak slower, and account for time in future,
  • Someone also mentioned that I had issues with the timing of my presentation, I wasn't in control of the slides, so I had to keep up with them, rather than stopping and expanding. 
  • The introduction to the presentation was entertaining and in the style of a James Bond film, which set the theme for the presentation,
  • Pick out the more important parts, rather than focusing on the timeline, 
  • Focus more into the Graphic Design side of the Bond films, such as the posters,

Could be Useful Feedback

  • Well researched,
  • The introduction to the presentation was entertaining and in the style of a James Bond film, which set the theme for the presentation,
  • Strong Powerpoint, 
  • Very good enthusiasm in the subject, it was interesting to hear about, 
  • Memorised very well,

3 Objectives, how to improve that summer brief from what I've been told;
  • Speak slower, and clearer to deliver the information, so people can understand, learn more from my presentation, getting a better insight from the world of 007.
  • Include some more imagery and less text, reduce the amount of reading in the presentation, and try to include more images in the slide show. 
  • Try to focus on more important events, rather than focusing on the timeline in full. Perhaps cutting down the information on each individual Bond actor, and including more exciting info graphs which convey the information in a much more elegant manner. 

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