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If you were a book, what would your subject be and who would read you?

If I were a book, I would be an instruction manual of some sort, allowing things to be fore filled correctly and as easily as possible, detailing technical illustration drawings throughout, following my OCD-like passion for making sure the communication is clear and accurate, so the reader can achieve what he or she needs to. 

If you were a package what would you contain and who would open you?

If I were a package, to start with, the packaging itself would have two functions, It would not only be a container for the product it would have a second function to perhaps go with the product it contains, or even just a make-shift bottle opener. It would contain something technical, isometric, which would perform an important function. It would be opened by anyone who needs something doing. 

If you were a shop what would you sell and who would buy it?

If I were a shop, I would be a shop which sells solutions to problems, something which can issue a tool to create or fix something within someones life, for example, a logo for a company, if need be. It would be for anyone who wants something made. 

If you were a poster what would you promote and to whom?

If i were a poster I would promote the 1958 film, Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock, as It is a wonderful film on the surface, with a very deep, dark undertone throughout, which leads to a fascinating analysis, It would be for any film fanatic. 

If you were a brand what would your values be and why would they be important?

If I were a brand, 

If you were an exhibition what would you show and where would you show it?

If I were an exhibition, I would show moment from history in film, to allow others to see the magical essence of film and cinema at it's finest - it's a real experience. I would love to show it in Hollywood which is the central locations for entertainment in the world, the home of cinema.

If you were a leaflet what information would you contain and who would read it?

If I were an information leaflet, I would most likely talk about film, once again, as it is a love and passion of mine, something which I feel I know great amount about. I would talk about the magic which is mise en scĂ©ne, I would once again show it to like minded people, perhaps cinephiles. 

If you were a sign what would you show, to whom and where?

if i were a sign I would show direction, to a location some way finding, fore filling a solution, to help someone have an easier and more informed experience. It would be for anyone who is lost. 

If you were an App what would you do and who would use you?

If I were an App, I would feature content and information about cinema, the goings on in the studios, which would aloo

If you were a blog, what would you be about and who would follow you?

If you were an event, what would it be and how would you promote it?

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