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OUGD402: Studio Brief 2 - It's Up To You

For this PPP1 project we have to Design, develop and produce an information pack that effectively communicates or promotes you as an individual, designer and learner. You will need to reflect on the first year of the programe and aim to communicate what you have learned, the skills you have developed and how you see yourself applying them in the future. You should  also aim to communicate the context of your interest by referencing specific designers, studios, principles and audiences where necessary. 

We should use this brief as an opportunity to explore, develop and demonstrate content, processes and areas of design that interets you at this point in time and may indicate your emerging creative concerns in Graphic Design.

I'm going to use this post to explore examples of creative self promotion, and perhaps tie some ideas together to inform my own design for my self promotion pack. I hope to look at general self promotion packs, packaging design, business card design and perhaps even some creative CV designs, which I've seen a few times before. 

Jon Cleave's Self Promotion Package

Selma Roberts' Self Promotion Package

Matt Ludvigson's Self Promotion Package

Looking at the brief, I've decided to create a small fold-out which will have cards within it, clearly stating the following: 'Who are you now? What have you learned? What skills do you have? What do you know? What do you believe?' Whilst using my style to show my interests and support my statements.

Below you can see the interior content to the fold-out, which clearly answer the questions posed by the brief.

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