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OUGD602: Placements & Events // Bloom Agency

Over summer, between level five and level 6, I was lucky enough to work at Bloom, in Leeds, as a Design intern as part of their fantastic team of creatives. I found Bloom, honestly, by a fairly random search of design studios in the area. I was amazed I'd found this place - the standard of work was extremely high, it looked ace.

I sent them an email, enquiring about a summer placement/internship, a quick interview and showing them some of my work a week later and I was in. I don't know what I was worried about to begin with.

I was at Bloom for a total of eight weeks, from late July to late September, just before we came back for our final year. I worked on a range of projects, for a range of different clients - all varying in size. Clients from small start up businesses to well known companies such as National Trust. I'm not really a loud to say exactly what I produced there, at least not on my blog. But I can say what the projects helped me improve in terms of how I work as a professional.

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