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OUGD602: Placements & Events // United By Design

As part of my personal and professional practice - I'm in the process of branching out to some studios which practise similar specialisations as to that of what I practise; Identity and Web Design. I'm also, obviously, looking for studios which I admire the work of.

United by Design is an independent creative agency, based in York, UK. They specialise in brand & communications design - a large part of which includes web. With a great track record for creating & nurturing brands, they work with individuals & organisations across a range of sectors in the UK and overseas.

I send over an initial email enquiring about a studio visit and the possibility of an internship in the future. 

They weren't able to offer any placements at this time of the year, as they're booked up until the first quarter of the next year. Instead, I have arranged to meet them, for a studio visit, on the 20th of November. 

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