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OUGD406: Design Practice 1 - Design is About Doing (Final Crit)

We had a group crit, following up a week of working on the 5 designs, based up the 30 design sheets. We presented all of this at the crit, explaining our process and thought path, which lead us to our final designs, from out initial 30 thumbnail sketches and how this related to our research.

We, the five participating in the crit, determined that the designs shown below was the best out of the possible 5, which I presented.

The feedback which I've obtained is listed below, I will apply this to the chosen design.
  • Experiment with the patterns, use more from the website background, and text them with your work.
  • Remove the 7" on the chosen design, and produce different ideas with the different patterns. 
  • Colour variations of the designs, experimenting, to see which colours out of the colour set from the website work. 
People in my Group: Grace, Adam, Emily and Anna. (Joe - Absent)

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