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OUGD402: STUDY TASK 5 - Where Am I Now?

10 things that you have learned about yourself as an individual and as learner. These should reflect your personal development and individual journey since the start of the programme.
  • I have learnt that myself, as a learner, I am more leant towards the practice part of the process.
  • I have learnt, since I began here, that as a designer, I'm into the clean style, the modernist-influence style, as aposed to the post-modernist cluttered style. 
  • As learner, I have discovered that I use other mediums, such as film, rather than Graphic Design to influence and inform my design process.
  • As a learner, I've begun to understand the importance of crits and feedback, and using this to inform your work, to make it better.
  • As a learner I feel like I have improved my ability to collaborate with other members of the group, rather than undertaking the tasks myself. I think this is because the standard within the group is incredibly high, and I don't need to fear that the end product will look awful.
  • However, in response to the statement above, as an individual, I do prefer working alone, approaching projects from my own unique angle, being able to experiment with my skill set to produce something different, rather than having to accommodate other's skill sets.
  • As a learner, I think I need to start stepping outside of my comfort zone more, when it comes to creating the product, rather than dashing straight to Illustrator or InDesign upon finishing my design sheets.
  • As an individual, I have learnt that I'm good at managing my time, to my surprise, I'm getting all the work done for it's deadline-date, and I'm able to have down time along side this. I'm pleased to say, I believe I've found the balance.
  • As a learner, I believe that my weakness in terms of responding to a brief would be the research section, I tend not to narrow my searches into a specific point, I find I stay rather broad and get mediocre  uninteresting findings, this is something I hope to work at and improve in the current module, OUGD406: Design Practice 1.
  • As a learner, I feel that I could also learn to develop me designs, from my thumbnail sketches further. By this i mean, that i could explore the concept more. I will develop this ability over the current module.
10 things that you have learned about yourself as a designer. These should reflect your growing awareness of your own interests within graphic design as a subject, discipline and profession.
  • I have learnt, since I began here, that as a designer, I'm into the clean style, the modernist-influence style, as aposed to the post-modernist cluttered style. 

An example, above of my work, and how what I would consider to fit this style.

    Above, is an example of some work which I think fits the clean style, which I attempt in my work, using shapes and vector images rather than drawings, paintings or physical artwork as the the image which I would work with.

    • As a designer, I feel like I'm good at creating thumbnail sketches to generated and extend ideas, to create the best posible layout and plan for the solution.

    • As a designer, I have developed in an intrest in the vector drawings, using abstract shapes and lines, rather than tracing for creating an image as you would imagine it, using traditional methods, with shading.
    • As a designer, I think I developed an attachment to using a very small selection of colours within each piece of design. For example, in a past module, OUGD405 Design Process, I used few colours within my final product, using blue orange and stock colours. 
    • As a designer, i have begun to use more simple designer, than rather artistic mediums, such as experimental water-colour pieces or paintings with custom brushes.
    • As a designer, i have discovered a passion, that is working with body copy, in a magazine style, being able to use columns, margines, guides to wrap text around, and create a pleasing style, along side with images. 
    • As a designer, I think that I have developed my ability to generate ideas, and create my own work in the style or in influence of another designer, using them to inform my work, and create a more visually dynamic outcome, in a style other than my own.
    • As a designer, I have learnt that more does not mean better. Infact, I would almost go as far to say, less can mean better. Rather than cluttering the page, filling it with images, type and info-graphics, a much cleaner simple layout, with only the essential points, facts and ideas usually works better.
    • As a designer, I have become reliant on the process leading up to the product, using the generation of ideas to the fullest, rather than designing things on the spot, based on one random idea I've summoned from no-where. Creating thumbnail sketches, development sketches, mock ups experimenting with concepts to create the best final product.

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